As Without So Within
Manuela De Laborde, Mexico/USA/UK, 2016, 35mm, 25m
New York Premiere
This experimental meditation on the detailed surfaces of objects confronts representation in theater and cinema and forces the audience to confront hierarchies of viewership.

The Blue Devils / Los diablos azules
Charlotte Bayer-Broc, France, 2017, 48m
Spanish with English subtitles
World Premiere
More than 3,000 miners of Chile’s La Pampa were shot down by the national army during a demonstration in Iquique, a massacre told in Luis Advis’s 1969 cantata Santa María de Iquique. In The Blue Devils, Charlotte Bayer-Broc wanders through one of the ghost mining towns—a remote outpost in the Atacama Desert—interpreting Advis’s lament across eerily abandoned landscapes and industrial vistas. Bayer-Broc upends cinematic convention in a beguiling adaptation that is entirely her own; this medium-length musical is at once personal and political, reverent and burlesque.