Q&A with Vuk Lungulov-Klotz, Lío Mehiel, Cole Doman & MiMi Ryder on Sunday, April 9 at 7pm!

Over the course of 24 breathless hours in New York City, twentysomething Feña (electrifying newcomer Lío Mehiel, winner of a Special Jury Award at Sundance for their performance) must contend with an onslaught of aggravations, surprise encounters, and emotional choices. Feña unexpectedly reconnects with an estranged ex-boyfriend (Cole Doman), is suddenly saddled with his wayward little sister (MiMi Ryder), and nervously awaits their father (Alejandro Goic), who’s arriving from Chile for a visit that promises to be anything but easy. Feña must stay afloat and resilient amidst all this despite being driven to a near breaking point. With precision and sensitivity, first-time director Vuk Lungulov-Klotz has confidently, lovingly constructed a day in the life of a young trans man whose every action is a negotiation among a difficult past, an unsettled present, and an unknown but hopeful future. A Strand Releasing release.

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