Member & Patron New Benefits FAQ

Why are the benefits being changed?

Your feedback is important, which is why we conducted the Membership satisfaction survey in December 2017. The updates and improvements to the Film Society’s Membership program are based on your response to the survey. The new benefit structure will better provide you with premium access to our exceptional programming and festivals, while enhancing your Film Society member and patron experience.

Why are the prices changing?

The price of a Film Society membership has not changed in over ten years, while the value of the membership and associated costs have continued to increase. As a nonprofit, we rely on your generous support to help cover such costs as print traffic, filmmaker travel, and more.

When will the new benefits take effect?

The new benefits will take effect on July 1st. For those that renewed prior to July 1, 2018 your benefits at that particular giving level will stay the same.

What is included with the new benefit structure?

Some highlights include:

  • Designated grouping for New York Film Festival pre-sales beginning at the Contributor ($200) level
  • A complimentary tote bag beginning at the Friend ($300) level
  • Special events specifically for our young member group, New Wave
  • Dual membership privileges for Dual levels and higher
  • Two tickets to the Centerpiece screening beginning at the Benefactor ($5,000) level

You can see a full listing of the new benefits and see how they compare to our old benefits at the following pages: Members, New Wave, Patron, Ambassador Patron.

I want to move to a new level of membership. How do I do so?

You can move to a new level of membership as soon as the new benefits are in effect on July 1, 2018. To do so, simply contact that Members Desk at 212-875-5620 or [email protected].

I have feedback on the new benefit structure. With whom can I share my thoughts?

If you are a Member, please contact the Members Desk at 212-875-5620 or [email protected]. If you are a Patron, please contact the Patrons Desk at 212-875-5668 or [email protected].

I have general questions about membership or patronage. Do you have other resources I can reference?