At this year's New York Film Festival we are excited to debut a series of forums and panels designed to give you unprecedented industry insight and intimate access to NYFF filmmakers. All events are FREE (on a space available basis) at the Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center Amphitheater unless otherwise noted. Additional events take place at the Apple Store, Upper West Side (1981 Broadway). Many of the forums are also available to watch online via Livestream.

Saturday, October 1:
indieWIRE Meets: The NYFF Selection Committee (1:00pm)
Richard Peña, Scott Foundas, Melissa Anderson, Dennis Lim and Todd McCarthy talk about this year’s New York Film Festival. Moderated by Dana Harris.

Beyond the Screen: The Age of Immersive Storytelling (5:00pm)
Session 1 of "Beyond the Screen: The Immersive Storytelling Forum." Not since the birth of television have the rules of storytelling been so up for grabs. As new technologies allow audiences to consume and interact with content across a variety of mediums, story-makers will expand their narrative universes across multiple platforms.  A panel discussion featuring some of the top creators in the emerging field of transmedia storytelling, this panel presents a perfect primer for those just discovering the medium as well a compelling glimpse into where it is headed.

Beyond the Screen: Documentaries and Transmedia Activism (7:00pm)
Session 2 of "Beyond the Screen: The Immersive Storytelling Forum." Through the last century documentaries have played a pivotal role informing the public on issues of social and global justice and have served as calls to action, mobilizing citizens and leaders.  As filmmakers and advocacy groups meet on the fluid platforms of the web, a new form of activism has emerged, dubbed "Transmedia Activism." This panel will discuss this emergence, and the role traditional documentaries and web savvy advocacy groups will play moving forward.

Sunday, October 2:
indieWIRE Meets: Gerardo Naranjo & Stephanie Sigman, “Miss Bala” (2:00pm)
Moderated by Brian Brooks.

indieWIRE Meets: Xan Aranda, Andrew Bird: Fever Year (3:00pm)
Moderated by Dana Harris.

Beyond the Screen: World Building in Games (5:00pm)
Session 3 of "Beyond the Screen: The Immersive Storytelling Forum." Join the Film Society and a panel of video game critics, writers, and creatives behind titles known for their stories, engrossing plots, and much-loved characters for a lively discussion of the fine art of world building—the process of creating the people, places, and things that make up the false realities of games.  What are the challenges presented in writing scripts that are one thousand pages long, quests where the players choose their own destiny, and plots that take forty hours to unravel instead of 90 minutes?

Beyond the Screen: Audiences as Story Participants (7:00pm)
The revolution in storytelling over the last decade has been one of stories blowing off the screen and across other platforms.  Audiences can now view, respond and interact with characters and story worlds at various touch-points.  The evolution of storytelling is not just in how the story is presented, but also in the dynamic between those who tell and those who listen or watch.  When storytelling evolves into a sort of conversation—a dialog between the teller and the listener—how does that change the way media is consumed and what does it mean to create a more participatory experience?

Tuesday, October 4
Writing New York, Part I: Gotham, The Quintessential Urban Landscape – Does the Shoe Still Fit Without the Grit? (7:00pm)
Presented by the Writers Guild of America East. Featuring David Koepp (Premium Rush, Ghost Town, Panic Room, Spider-Man, Carlito's Way); Brian Koppelman (The Girlfriend Experience, Solitary Man, Rounders); David Levien (The Girlfriend Experience, Rounders); Stephen Schiff (Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps).

Wednesday, October 5
indieWIRE Meets: Borderline Films: Antonio Campos, Sean Durkin, Josh Mond (5:00pm)
Moderated by Eric Kohn.

indieWIRE Meets: Jean-Pierre & Luc Dardenne, “The Kid With A Bike” (6:00pm)
Moderated by Eric Kohn.

Writing New York, Part II: Supporting Character, NYC (7:00pm)
Presented by the Writers Guild of America East. Featuring Shari Springer Berman (The Extra Man, The Nanny Diaries); John Hamburg (Along Came Polly, Zoolander); Mark Heyman (Black Swan); Kevin Wade (Maid in Manhattan, Working Girl). Moderated by Lisa Schwarzbaum (Entertainment Weekly).

Thursday, October 6
Avant Garde Influences Mainstream Movies!
Presented by New York Women in Film and Television. For generations experimental filmmakers have been developing new cinematic techniques that have redefined cinema. This panel of filmmakers, curators and educators looks at how the experiments and ground-breaking new filmmaking by the avant garde have influenced and been adopted by mainstream cinema.

Friday, October 7
Willem Dafoe at the Apple Store (7:00pm)
Actor Willem Dafoe of 4:44 Last Day On Earth at the Apple Store, Upper West Side (on the corner of Broadway and 67th).

Saturday, October 8
Nuri Bilge Ceylan, Director of “Once Upon a Time in Anatolia” (4:00pm)
Located in the Film Center's "Studio," to the left of the Amphitheater (144 W. 65th St).

Sunday, October 9
Béla Tarr, Director of “The Turin Horse” (1:00pm)
Located in the Film Center's "Studio," to the left of the Amphitheater (144 W. 65th St).

Monday, October 10
Sean Durkin, Elizabeth Olsen and John Hawkes at the Apple Store (7:00pm)
Director Sean Durkin, actor Elizabeth Olsen and actor John Hawkes of Martha Marcy May Marlene at the Apple Store, Upper West Side (corner of Broadway and 67th).

Tuesday, October 11
To Union or Not to Union: Casting & Working with Actors in Low Budget Indies (Oct. 11)
Presented by SAGIndie. Famke Janssen (Bringing Up Bobby, Turn the River, X-Men, Golden Eye), Bruce Weiss (Interview, Simple Men), Jay Van Hoy (Beginners, Old Joy), Paul Schnee (Winter's Bone, Higher Ground), Mary Clay Boland (Wendigo, The Best Thief), Craig Zobel (Great World of Sound). Moderated by Michael Sladek (SAGIndie NYC, Con Artist, Devils Are Dreaming)

Wednesday, October 12
Women Produce Well Developed Films
Presented by the Producers Guild of America East. Drawing parallels between the trailblazing women of early cinema’s silent era and today's leading women producers, this program will showcase the shared challenges and extraordinary contributions of women producers from both time periods, focusing on the process used to develop a film. Clips from contemporary movies produced by our panelists, as well as from June Mathis' 1921 Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, will serve as case studies. Panelists will not only reveal how material is found and transformed into a film, but will also provide insight into the multi-faceted role of the producer.

Thursday, October 13
Antonio Banderas at the Apple Store (5:00pm)
Actor Antonio Banderas of The Skin I Live In at the Apple Store, Upper West Side (corner of Broadway and 67th).

Wes Anderson at the Apple Store (7:15pm)
Wes Anderson, director of The Royal Tenenbaums at the Apple Store, Upper West Side (corner of Broadway and 67th).

Friday, October 14
indieWIRE Meets: Pedro Almodovar, “The Skin I Live In” (5:00pm)
Moderated by Richard Peña.

A Conversation with John Landis, Author of “Monsters In The Movies” (7:00pm)

Saturday, October 15
Book Signing Event With John Lithgow (4:00pm)
Actor, musician and author John Lithgow discusses his new book Drama: An Actor's Education.

indieWIRE Meets Jeffrey Schwarz, “Vito” (6:00pm)
Moderated by Basil Tsiokos.

Plymptoons! Bill Plympton Talks About Drawing (7:00pm)
The animator will talk about his career as an independent animator, do drawing demonstrations and show some of his newest films and works in progress ("The Cow Who Wanted to be a Hamburger," "Summer Bummer," "Hot Dog," "TMZ" and an excerpt from my new feature film, "Cheatin'"), plus some artwork from his new Rizzoli book Independently Animated, Bill Plympton.

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