Moderated by Colin Fitzpatrick (Guardian Labs, WNET, Al Jazeera America)

Panelists include:
Laurens Grant (The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution)
Debra Anderson (Chief Strategy Officer & Founder, Datavized)
Rami Khater (Senior Digital Producer THE STREAM; Digital Strategy Lead Al Jazeera English)
Jer Thorp (Co-Founder, The Office for Creative Research)

As nonfiction crosses platforms, producers have more options than ever to reach, inspire, and activate audiences. The way a production is presented allows producers to realize specific audience end goals previously unobtainable without immense budgets. Tactics using comprehensive data visualization, compelling personal narratives, and sourcing from social media allow journalism and documentary producers today to appeal to emotion as well as the facts when creating issue-driven stories. Producers on this panel will discuss their own projects—from documentary film and interactive docs to social programs and digital newsrooms—and how to create meaningful and moving stories with goals beyond business as usual. Presented in partnership with The Producers Guild of America New Media Council & PGA East Documentary Committee.