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The traditional lines separating the arts are being blurred by innovative creators who are making stories that span multiple platforms, remixing the original and the established to create a bold new form of art. Celebrating its fifth year as a program of the New York Film Festival, Convergence 2015 will offer a variety of interactive experiences, panels, and presentations. Audiences can explore indie storytelling games in our GameScape arcade, attend a virtual reality dinner party via The Dog House, or help solve their own murder with Sherlock Holmes & the Internet of Things. Complementing the experiential programs—all free and open to the public—is a series of talks and panels featuring creators, filmmakers, game designers, and storytellers of all stripes discussing their work and the evolving state of storytelling in the interactive age.

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Experiences and Installations

The (Dis)Honesty Project Presents The Truth Box

Free Event

Participants are asked to sit inside the Truth Box and come clean, on camera, about a lie they have told. Excerpts of stories recorded will be shared on and through social media.

The Doghouse

U.S. Premiere · Free Event

This virtual-reality short film plunges its audience into a family dinner for five, creating a totally unique 360-degree cinema experience.

GameScape Arcade

Free Event

Co-curated with the NYU Game Center, Gamescape invites audiences to explore a selection of gripping new narrative-driven storytelling games.

Sherlock Holmes & the Internet of Things 2015

Free Event

Step into the shoes of Sherlock Holmes for this collaborative storytelling experiment in which participants attempt to solve a string of crimes unfolding throughout Lincoln Center.


Free Event

This comic tale performed for an audience of one via PC, phone, and laser printer thrusts participants into the role of a temp covering for an overworked actuary.

Panels and Presentations

Brand Meets Story: How Filmmakers and Brands Are Reinventing Digital Content

This panel of corporate professionals and filmmakers will discuss the process they established to develop a form of marketing communication that marries the freedom and creativity to tell “stories that matter” with meaningful brand communication goals.

A Conversation with Diana Williams

Producer Diana Williams will discuss her career and personal evolution as a storyteller, from indie filmmaker and cross-platform world builder to Lucasfilm.

The Deeper They Bury Me

World Premiere ∙ Interactive Presentation

This interactive encounter that plunges us into the universe of renowned political prisoner Herman Wallace, who was held in solitary for over 40 years at Louisiana’s notorious Angola penitentiary, includes both a compelling portrait of defiance and pride and a panel presentation featuring leading activists and thinkers in the field.

Immersive Storytelling Goes Global: A Live StoryCode Dispatch


Sitting at the intersection of narrative and technology, StoryCode has spread to six continents. Representatives from around the world will converge to discuss the state of story experimentation and reflect on the three years since the organization’s founding.

The Making of a Connected Crime Scene


Lance Weiler and Nick Fortugno will pull back the curtain on a yearlong experiment with 1,000 collaborators working in 20-plus countries developing Sherlock Holmes & the Internet of Things.

Producing for Impact: Finding the Story


Producers will discuss their own projects—from documentary film and interactive docs to social programs and digital newsrooms—and how they create meaningful stories with goals beyond business as usual.



Fusing cinema, video game, and the novella, this special live performance features elements of Pry, an app experience exploring the life, trials, and mind of a Gulf War veteran.

Small Star Seminar


A motivational speaker urges people to give up their goals and stop reaching for the stars in the first solo music project created by Cory McAbee, which features optimistic songs about quitting, accepting one’s own limitations, and the power of sitting quietly.

The Working Screenwriter


Screenwriter Mike Jones will discuss his personal journey as a storyteller and how he has maintained a screenwriter’s turbulent life while writing for independent producers, major studios, and now Pixar.