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International Shorts Program I

  • Various
  • 72 minutes

Q&As with Martin DiCicco and João Vladimiro on September 29 & 30

This program features Yalda Afsah's Tourner, Martin DiCicco's Here There Is No Earth, Hu Bo's Man in the Well, Laura Huertas Millán's jeny303, João Vladimiro's Anteu.

International Shorts Program II

  • Various
  • 77 minutes

Q&As with Sofia Bohdanowicz, Joshua Tuthill, Zhengfan Yang, and writer Joshua Cohen on October 10 & 11

This program features Sofia Bohdanowicz's Veslemøy’s Song, Nicolás Zukerfeld's Let Us Now Praise Movies, Benjamin Crotty's Glorious Acceptance of Nicolas Chauvin, Joshua Tuthill's Black Dog, and Zhengfan Yang's Down There.

Genre Stories

  • Various
  • 85 minutes

Q&As with Nicole Perlman, Danny Lee, Phillip Montgomery and choreographer Denna Thomsen, and Ilja Rautsi on September 29 & 30

This program features Just Philippot's Acid, Nicole Perlman's The Slows, Danny Lee's Toto, Phillip Montgomery's Child of the Sky, Ilja Rautsi's Helsinki Mansplaining Massacre.

New York Stories

  • Various
  • 63 minutes

Q&As with Eleanore Pienta, Ashley Connor, Joe Stankus, Barbara Cigarroa, Michael Almereyda, and Jason Giampietro on October 1 & 8

This program features Eleanore Pienta's Ada, Ashley Connor & Joe Stankus's The Chore, Barbara Cigarroa's God Never Dies, Michael Almereyda's The North Wind’s Gift & To the Unknown, and Jason Giampietro's Quarterbacks.