Special Events

American Trial: The Eric Garner Story

  • Roee Messinger
  • 2019
  • USA
  • 100 minutes

World Premiere · Q&A with Roee Messinger & Esaw Snipes

This one-of-a-kind hybrid fiction-documentary, which will screen free to the public, engages the services of two actual legal teams to create a rigorous, legally based fictional—yet unscripted—trial that never happened for one of the nation’s most disturbing recent tragedies.

The Cotton Club Encore

  • Francis Ford Coppola
  • 1984
  • USA
  • 139 minutes

Q&A with Francis Ford Coppola

Coppola recovered lost negatives to bring The Cotton Club, his sophisticated, witty, and wildly ambitious evocation of thirties genre cinema, back to its original length and luster, with restored sound and image.


  • Todd Phillips
  • 2019
  • USA
  • 122 minutes

New York Premiere · Extended discussion with Todd Phillips, Joaquin Phoenix, producer Emma Tillinger Koskoff, production designer Mark Friedberg & cinematographer Lawrence Sher

The Joker has gone through many transformations and iterations, but his origin story has never been as vividly or shockingly imagined and realized as it is here. Join us for a special screening and discussion with the creative team behind this truly disturbing vision, led by director Todd Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix.

Screenwriting Master Class with Olivier Assayas

  • 60 minutes

Presented by Warby Parker

In this special discussion, Assayas will talk about the process of turning real events into creative fictions. Starring Penélope Cruz and Édgar Ramirez, Wasp Network is based on Fernando Morais’s meticulously researched 2015 book The Last Soldiers of the Cold War.