Welcome to a special 58th New York Film Festival edition of the Film at Lincoln Center podcast. Today, we’re featuring two conversations from new films screening at the festival. First up, producer Filip Jan Rymsza and editor Bob Murawski joined programmer Rachel Rosen to discuss Hopper/Welles, a Spotlight selection at this year’s festival. In November 1970, two movie mavericks, one already a legend (Orson Welles) and the other on his way to mythic status (Dennis Hopper), met for an epochal conversation, sharing their candid thoughts and feelings about cinema, art, and life. This entertaining and revealing footage, never before seen in full, has been resurrected in the form of this new feature, which premieres tonight at 8pm at the Queens drive-in followed by virtual nationwide screenings beginning September 28. Get tickets here.

This conversation is followed by a Q&A from the Opening Night selection of our new Currents section, which complements the Main Slate, tracing a more complete picture of contemporary cinema with an emphasis on new and innovative forms and voices. Ephraim Asili’s first feature, The Inheritance, is a powerfully dynamic hybrid film that documents the history of Philadelphia-based Black liberation group MOVE alongside dramatizations of the filmmaker’s own experiences in an activist collective. Asili joined NYFF Director of Programming Dennis Lim for a conversation on his debut feature, which premieres tonight at 8pm at the Brooklyn drive-in as well as on our Virtual Cinema, available nationwide. Get tickets here.

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