Director/actor/writer/producer Tim Robbins is proud to introduce Bobbo Supreme – originally conceived as a film and adapted for a new realm of aural entertainment in pandemic times. Bobbo Supreme is a hard-hitting, bitingly funny, no holds barred look at the hypocrisy, deception, and danger in the current American political landscape. A satirical fever dream in five parts.

New York Film Festival Director Eugene Hernandez was delighted to welcome Tim Robbins and his all-star cast–including Jack Black, Haley Joel Osment, Kerri Kenney-Silver, Rita Brent, Ray Wise, and Ted Levine, along with composer David Robbins–for a special panel discussion, followed by the premiere of the first episode. The immersive aural entertainment experience debuts today on Patreon.

Listen to the conversation and the first episode below and learn more here.