We were thrilled to welcome American Cinema Editors society (ACE) members Sandra Adair (editor of Hit Man) and Jonathan Alberts (editor of All of Us Strangers) to NYFF61 as part of our Talks program to discuss film editing, the art of cutting dialogue, and their longtime collaborations with Richard Linklater and Andrew Haigh, in a conversation moderated by Jeffrey Wolf, ACE.

Across genres, styles, and modes of production, the work of the film editor remains one of the least visible but most essential elements of cinematic storytelling. In this year’s NYFF lineup, Main Slate selection All of Us Strangers and Spotlight selection Hit Man are exemplary showcases for the range of expressive effects made possible by the film editor’s contributions, demonstrating how pacing, rhythm, and punctuation can amplify or obscure meaning, accentuate performances, and synthesize precise interactions between comedy, drama, suspense, and eroticism.

This Talk was organized in collaboration with American Cinema Editors. All NYFF61 Talks are sponsored by HBO.

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