In less than a decade of activity, the four friends and polymorphously promiscuous collaborators Gabriel Abrantes, Alexander Carver, Benjamin Crotty, and Daniel Schmidt have made some of the most ravishing and least classifiable films in recent memory—and established themselves as a school of filmmaking unlike any other. These uncompromising young visionaries share a penchant for provocation, a taste for transgression, and a host of strategies and obsessions all their own. At once lyrical and perverse, by turns hilarious and delirious, their films obliterate distinctions—between high- and low-brow, between sensual and cerebral, between art cinema and the avant-garde—while remaining sharply attuned to the byproducts of globalization and the fluctuations of post-internet pop culture. The Film Society welcomes these playful iconoclasts for their first-ever shared retrospective, which includes the U.S. theatrical release of Crotty’s first feature, Fort Buchanan.

Don’t miss two Brooklyn events with the filmmakers, Lifestyle Porn Parts 1 and 2, at Light Industry on February 2 and Spectacle on February 9.

Organized by Dennis Lim and Dan Sullivan. Presented with support from MUBI and the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.