To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Princess Grace Foundation-USA, the Film Society is proud to present a selection of award-winning short films from the Princess Grace Awards, given each year to emerging artists. The filmmakers presented here are at varying stages of their careers, from new directors to those who have successfully segued to the next level of their careers. The films to be screened include Lintscape by Caitlin Craggs (PGA 2008), Swinging in the Painter’s Room by Greg Mottola (PGA 1989, director of The Daytrippers, Superbad and episodes of the award-winning television series Arrested Development and<em> The Newsroom), The Dance Lesson by Chinonye Chukwu (PGA 2009) and Bricks by David Riker (PGA 1995, Statue Award 2001, director of the feature films The City and The Girl). Many filmmakers will be with us for a post-screening conversation about the importance of support early in an artist’s career.

Caitlin Craggs | 2008 | USA | 4m

While doing laundry, a middle aged woman is attacked by a piece of lint lurking in the dryer; said lint will stop at nothing short of world domination.

Swinging in the Painter’s Room
Greg Mottola | 1989 | USA | 11m

A comedy shot in black & white about young New Yorkers who are inordinately preoccupied by narcissism, infidelity, kleptomania and a large portrait of Frank Sinatra.

The Dance Lesson
Chinonye Chukwu | 2010 | USA | 14m

Against the backdrop of gentrified Philadelphia neighborhood, a young economically disadvantaged girl yearns to be a ballerina.

David Riker | 1995 | USA | 15m

In one of New York City’s poorer neighborhoods, Latin American immigrants, many of whom barely speak English, live at the mercy of exploitative employers and inflexible institutions.

Michael Canzoniero | 2002 | USA | 5m

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