On Tuesday, “50 Years of the New York Film Festival” continues with Carlos Saura’s The Hunt (La caza), a selection from the fourth festival in 1966.

The Hunt is the harrowing story of three Spanish Civil War veterans and a young man who decide to go on a weekend hunting trip to momentarily escape from their lives’ hardships. The conflict that arises when the men begin to reminisce about their past serves as a vehicle for Saura to examine the effects of the war on Spanish society. When The Hunt opened in theaters in 1967, Bosley Crowther of The New York Times called the movie “the toughest Spanish picture I have ever seen, and the most amazingly revealing.” The film was also noted for some superb acting by its four leading men—Alfredo Mayo, Emilio Gutiérrez Caba, Ismael Merlo and José Maria Prada—as well as its use of violence. The Hunt became Saura’s first international success and won him the Silver Bear for Best Director at the 16th Berlin International Film Festival.

“50 Years of the New York Film Festival” will continue on Tuesday, November 8 (and every Tuesday after that) with Gillo Pontecorvo’s The Battle of Algiers (La Battaglia di Algieri) from the fifth edition of the festival in 1967.

Here is a list of all the films that played the fourth New York Film Festival in 1966:
Loves of A Blonde (Lásky jedné plavovlásky)
Milos Forman, Czechoslavakia, 1965
Screened w/ The Last Mohican, Paul E. Leaf, USA

The War Game
Peter Watkins, Great Britain, 1966
Screened w/ Wholly Communion, Peter Whitehead, Great Britain, 1966 & St. Matthew Passion, Tamas Czigany, Hungary

Hunger (Sult)
Henning Carlsen, Denmark/Norway/Sweden, 1966
Screened w/ Contrepied, Manuel Otero, France

The Grim Reaper (La commare secca)
Bernardo Bertolucci, Italy, 1962
Screened w/ Pestilent City, Peter Goldman, USA

The Eavesdropper (El ojo de la cerradura)
Leopoldo Torre Nillson, Argentina/USA, 1964
Screened w/ O Dem Watermelons, Robert Nelson, USA & Chamber Piece, Ole Gammeltoft, Denmark

Balthazar (Au hazard Balthazar)
Robert Bresson, France/Sweden, 1966
Screened w/ Adolescence, Vladimir Forgency, France

The Creatures (Le créatures)
Agnès Varda, France/Sweden, 1966
Screened w/ Aquarelle, Dominique Delouche, France

The Hawks and the Sparrows (Uccellacci e uccellini)
Pier Paolo Pasolini, Italy, 1966
Screened w/ Piano Lesson, Vera Nordin, Sweden

Pier Paolo Pasolini, Italy, 1961
Screened w/ Tarantella, Carmen d'Avino, USA

Do You Keep a Lion at Home? (Mate doma iva?)
Pavel Hobl, Czechoslovakia, 1963
Screened w/ Le poisson prof, Philippe de Poix, France

“The Scene” [Three cinéma vérité films]
     Meet Marlon Brando, Maysles Brothers, USA, 1966
     Troublemakers, Robert Machover and Norm Fruchter, USA, 1966
     Notes for a Film on Jazz, Gianni Amico, Italy, 1966

The Burmese Harp (Biruma No Tategoto)
Kon Ichikawa, Japan, 1956

A Woman of Affairs
Clarence Brown, USA, 1929
Screened w/ The Cheat, Cecil B. DeMille, USA, 1915

The Shameless Old Lady (La vielle dame indigne)
René Allio, France, 1964
Screened w/ The Woman, Ivan Lakatos, Hungary

Intimate Lighting (Intimní osvětlení)Ivan Passer, Czechoslovakia, 1965

Three (Tri)
Aleksander Petrovic, Yugoslavia, 1965

The Roundup (Szegénylegények)Miklós Janscó, Hungary, 1966
Screened w/ La brûlure de 1000 soleils, Pierre Kast, France

Masculine Feminine (Masculin féminin)
Jean-Luc Godard, France/Sweden, 1965
Screened w/ A la source, la femme aimée, Nelly Kaplan, France & How Do You Like Dem Bananas, Lionel Rogosin, USA

The Hunt (La caza)
Carlos Saura, Spain, 1966

Shadows of Our Forgotten Ancestors (Tini zabutikh predkiv)Sergei Paradjhanov, East Germany, 1966.
Screened w/ The Hand, Jiří Trnka, Czechoslavakia

Pearls on the Ground (Perlicky na dne) [Five separate stories]
     Mr. Baltazar’s Death, Jiři Menzel, Czechoslovakia, 1965
     The Imposters, Jan Nemec, Czechoslovakia, 1965
     The Snackbar World, Vera Chytilova, Czechoslovakia, 1965
     Romance, Jaromil Jires, Czechoslovakia, 1965
     House of Joy, Evald Schorm, Czechoslovakia, 1965
Screened w/ 9 Variations on a Dance Theme, Hilary Harris, USA

The Man with the Shaven Head (De man die zijn haar kort liet lnippen)
André Delvaux, Belgium, 1966
Screened w/ Simon of the Desert (Simón del desierto), Luis Buñuel

La chienne
Jean Renoir, France, 193l (NYFF Retrospective)

Pierrot le fou
Jean-Luc Godard, France/Italy, 1965
Screened w/ Son Of Dada, Robert Preston, USA & Ceremonie pour une victoire, Jacques Kébadian, France

Almost a Man (Un uomoa meta)
Vittorio de Seta, Italy, 1966
Screened w/ Diagram, Daniel Szczechura, Poland

The War is Over (La guerre est finie)
Alain Resnais, France/Sweden, 1968
Screened w/ Joachim’s Dictionary, Walerian Borowczyk, France