On this week’s podcast, we’re highlighting two of this summer’s most anticipated new releases, both of which open in theaters this weekend.

Dunkirk is Christopher Nolan’s World War II epic featuring a gifted ensemble cast and stunning cinematography shot utilizing a mixture of IMAX® and 65mm. Landline is Gillian Robespierre’s highly anticipated follow up to 2014’s New Directors/New Films selection Obvious Child about a family united by secrets and lies.

We presented preview screenings of both Dunkirk and Landline earlier this week, with Q&As following the movies. First up on this week’s podcast, you’ll hear Christopher Nolan discuss Dunkirk after a sold-out audience watched a 70mm print of it. Then, you’ll hear our conversation with Landline writer-director Gillian Robespierre, co-writer Elizabeth Holm, and stars Jenny Slate and Abby Quinn.

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Both Q&As are also available to watch below.