As the summer comes to a close, one of the season’s annual recurring traditions (at least for many open-aired amphitheaters across the United States) concludes with it: Shakespeare in the Park. For many decades, the plays of William Shakespeare have been performed for audiences in outdoor venues, often free-of-charge, hoping to inspire the next generation of Bard-obsessed aficionados.

Not to be outdone, the silver screen has also produced a vast, memorable group of productions honoring the playwright’s work, with the latest being the Opening Night selection of the 59th New York Film Festival, Joel Coen’s The Tragedy of Macbeth, and one currently screening daily in our theaters.

To celebrate our current theatrical release, Isabella, the latest from Argentine filmmaker Matías Piñeiro that draws inspiration from one of the Bard’s celebrated “problem plays,” Measure for Measure, last week’s Community Corner question asked for your favorite film adaption of a Shakespearean text. The results included everything from a slew of faithful adaptations trafficking in strict Elizabethan language to more modernist, experimental takes that are, at least in spirit, indebted to the late playwright.

And while Franco Zeffirelli’s Oscar-winning Romeo & Juliet was often cited, several other takes on the famous tale of two star-crossed lovers were mentioned, including Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet  and, most recently, the 2021 Sundance selection, R#J, from director Carey Williams. Scroll down below to spot your favorite and a slew of other recommendations.

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