Q&A with Christopher Makoto Yogi & Alex Zhang Hungtai, followed by a live musical performance by Hungtai. All ticket holders are invited to a pre-screening reception with beer and wine starting at 6pm in the Furman Gallery.

When he returns to the Big Island of Hawaii with just a suitcase and a sax after nearly a decade away, musician Alex (Alex Zhang Hungtai, formerly of Dirty Beaches, playing a fictionalized version of himself) hopes to reconnect with family roots and memories of childhood. His journey leads him to a quiet Buddhist bed and breakfast, where he befriends hostess Akiko (Akiko Matsuda, playing herself) over a few summer weeks. Weaving lush, languid views of island land- and seascapes with a soundtrack of experimental free jazz and meditative chimes, Christopher Makoto Yogi’s debut feature brings to life a personal vision of Hawaii where human lives are interposed in harmony, across generations, with the immense splendors of the natural world. Presented by Flies Collective. A Factory 25 release.