First-time director Lee Zoo-yong offers a beguiling elegy for an irretrievably lost past, told from the perspective of a man fallen from grace. Fund manager Kang Jae-hoon (Lee Byung-hun, NYAFF 2016 Star Asia Award) sees his life fall apart after the scandalous bankruptcy of his firm; he then leaves his Seoul office behind and books a one-way ticket to Sydney, where his estranged, former violinist wife, Soo-jin (Kong Hyo-jin), and son, Jin-woo (Yeong Yoo-jin), live. But there, Jae-hoon finds himself a stranger to his beloved Soo-jin, who is rekindling her love of music and starting an unlikely romance with her Australian neighbor Chris (Jack Campbell), a burly but good-natured construction worker. Day after day, he strolls down the street where Soo-jin lives, never making his presence known—until he comes across another lost soul, Gina (K-pop star Ahn So-hee).

Presented with the support of Korean Cultural Center New York