Q&A with Manzini Zungu, Charles Castella and Baba Sissoko on May 15

With Le Vol du boli (The Flight of the Boli), filmmaker Abderrahmane Sissako takes up an unexpected artistic challenge: to stage, at the Théâtre du Châtelet in Paris, an opera based on the history of Africa. English musician Damon Albarn, front man of Blur and the virtual band Gorillaz, composes and conducts the music. The two artists from ostensibly different universes join forces to design a work as powerful as it is engaged.

Preceded by:
Shaka – iNkosi Yamakhosi
U.S. Premiere
Manzini Zungu & Nick Cloete, 2020, South Africa, 15m
Zulu with English subtitles
A meek young boy, Manzini, is attacked by three bullies on his way home from school in an incident that almost costs him his life. Manzini confesses to his Gogo (grandmother) his desire to quit school. In response, she narrates a profound tale of resilience, chronicling the coming of age of a great warrior and King, Shaka Zulu, to inspire her grandson through the strength of his lineage.