Q&A with actor Gabriel Spahiu. U.S. Premiere!

Inventively shot with old-school VHS technology to match the drab look of Romania in the ‘80s, Gabriel Achim’s black comedy is based on a real story that took place in a factory at the time. It is the 8th of May 1986, the anniversary day of the Romanian Communist Party; a day celebrated with pomp, hypocrisy and fear by all institutions and factories of the time. But most importantly for Romanians, this is the day when the soccer team Steaua has won the Champions League after an epic penalty shootout. Mixing triumph and tragedy within a numbness-inducing society, Adalbert’s Dream deals with the question of collective responsibility and deception, both on a private and public level. What is real and what is fabrication? Achim employs the artifice of the film within a film, conducting a reenactment that takes a wrongful turn, to get his point across with frightening accuracy.