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Labarthe has written that at first he was unenthusiastic about dedicating a film to Alain Cavalier, but after reviewing his work and experiencing the excitement of Jean-Pierre Limosin for the project, he decided to go ahead. A director who began his career filming stars such as Catherine Deneuve, Alain Delon, Romy Schneider and Jean-Louis Trintignant, Cavalier gradually moved to much more intimate, personal cinema. Working with just a cameraman (he recorded his own sound), Limosin finds a cinematic style much in keeping with Cavalier’s own, rendering the film a kind of collaboration between director and subject. (55m)

Screening with:
The “Home Cinema” of the Dardenne Brothers / Le home cinéma des frères Dardenne
Jean-Pierre Limosin | 2006 | France | 52m

Ten years later, Limosin returned to the series, using a mini-DV camera to push even further in the highly intimate style he achieved in his film of Cavalier. His focus on the Dardennes—surely among the most influential filmmakers working today—is really on the subject of their collaboration: How do the brothers communicate? How can you read the gestures or looks exchanged between them? The film is largely about all these unspoken moments, and what collectively they reveal about the brothers’ working methods.