Photography, gentrification, suppressed trauma, and nightmarish dream logic mix to create one of the most blazingly daring and original Korean thrillers released in years. Su-min (magnificently played by Lee Ju-won) is a photographer documenting the decay and changes taking place in the neighborhood he sees from his apartment. After witnessing the brutal murder of a woman on a nearby rooftop, masked men break into his home and hit him on the head with a hammer. He wakes up across the street in the very neighborhood he was documenting, naked and alone. He soon meets a woman and a young boy, and ends up in a moebius strip of dream logic as he struggles to escape the neighborhood in which he keeps regaining consciousness in a different spot, each time facing a new fear or strange connection to his past. Shot in beautiful long takes, Alone drags you deep into Su-min’s labyrinthian psyche. Presented with the support of Korean Cultural Center New York