First Lesson In Love director Tomer Werechson in person for Q&A!

On a stormy December night, singer Amy Winehouse flew to the remote, southwestern corner of Ireland to perform for Other Voices, an acclaimed Irish TV music series filmed in Dingle every winter. Winehouse performed on the stage of the tiny Saint James' church (capacity 85) and wowed the crowd with a searing acoustic set. Following the concert, happy and relaxed, she spoke about her music and influences—Mahalia Jackson, Sarah Vaughan, Thelonius Monk, Ray Charles, and  others. This documentary revisits that night, catches up with people the singer met including taxi driver Paddy Kennedy and Reverend Mairt Hanley, and shows a surprising and charming side of Amy Winehouse.

Screening with:

First Lesson In Love | Tomer Werechson | Israel | 2012 | 8m
Worlds collide when a young girl meets a street musician at a Jerusalem train station.