New 35mm print! Actress Anda Onesa and Director of Photography Florin Mihăilescu in person! Screening as part of our Alexandru Tatos Retrospective.

In a border village during WW2, Anastasia (Anda Onesa, winner of Best Actress at the 1980 Karlovy Vary Film Festival) refuses to obey orders and buries a partisan, in this unsettling and modern retelling of Antigone's myth.

Alexandru Tatos Retrospective

A towering figure of Romanian cinema, and a key influence on the directors of the recent “new wave,” Alexandru Tatos (1937-1990) made his directing debut in 1976 with the politically charged medical drama Red Apples, about a brilliant and idealistic young surgeon refusing to conform to the accepted compromises of a corrupt system. Over the next 15 years, Tatos would bring that same iconoclastic touch to a broad range of historical dramas and one of the most revealing films ever made about the filmmaking process itself (Sequences). In the words of the critic Manuela Cernat, “Where Tatos excels with unparalleled gusto is the movie with few characters and the minimum narrative elements, on which he capitalizes with the utmost ingeniousness, matchlessly blending lyricism and sarcasm, and displaying an unusually keen sense of true-to-life psychological and environmental details.” We are thrilled to include this special program of three of Tatos’ greatest films as part of this year’s Making Waves festival.