In their work, Basel Abbas and Ruanne Abou-Rahme, who live between NYC and Ramallah, synthesize sound, image, text, installation, and performance practices. Their exhibitions, films, and audio works engage with politics and create hyper-sensory audiovisual landscapes rooted in the real; these immersive new worlds then suggest an escape from or alternative to colonial and extractive narratives and discourse. This event will share some of the duo’s recent single-channel audiovisual works, followed by a discussion with the artists.

Screenings include:

The Incidental Insurgents: The Part About the Bandits Pt.1, 2012-2015, 6m
The Incidental Insurgents: Unforgiving Years Pt.2, 2012-2015, 6m
Only The Beloved Keeps Our Secrets, 2016, 10m
And Yet My Mask Is Powerful Pt.1, 2016-2018, 8m