Q&A with editor Sophie Reine on March 8

Doing for French rap duo Suprême NTM what Straight Outta Compton did for N.W.A., Audrey Estrougo’s crowd-pleasing and galvanizing biopic kicks off in 1989. A collaboration that begins on a whim between two friends takes off after an electrifying debut performance unexpectedly thrusts JoeyStarr (Théo Christine) and Kool Shen (Sandor Funtek) into the spotlight. The pair court controversy as their music increasingly speaks to their marginalized community’s struggles, building to a head when their single “Police” attracts official outrage. A dynamic reconstruction of a moment in hip-hop’s global explosion, Estrougo takes viewers back to a key moment in French society when long-dismissed voices started, quite literally, to be heard in a new way.