“Brightly entertaining…quite a show. It moves fast, with guaranteed laughs and lots of sure-fire tunes”—The New York Post

The first of the teenage “let’s put on a show!” movie musicals, and the precursor to Fame, the Disney High School trilogy, Glee, and a host of others. The difference lies in the pure energy and joy of performance and music (“Good Morning,” “I Cried for You,” “God’s Country,” etc.) as manifested by Garland and Mickey Rooney—the very first screen team of teen superstars. They’re here augmented by the dramatic support of legit veterans Charles Winninger, Guy Kibbee, Margaret Hamilton, Grace Hayes, Ann Shoemaker, and Henry Hull.

June Preisser is delicious as a past-her-prime Shirley Temple type, and Betty Jaynes and Douglas McPhail offer a junior league Jeanette MacDonald/Nelson Eddy approach to “Where or When.”