Arianne Ulmer, daughter of Edgar G. Ulmer; Stefan Grissemann, Austrian film critic and Ulmer scholar; and Noah Isenberg, co-curator and author of Edgar G. Ulmer: A Filmmaker at the Margins, in person!

Many of Ulmer’s films were family affairs, with his wife Shirley handling the scripts and his daughter Arianne (credited as Arianne Arden) in front of the camera—here as Captain Markova. This Z-budget sci-fi, shot on a hangar at the abandoned Texas state fairgrounds, reflects a Cold War pessimism found in other of his films from the era. Air Force major William Allison (Robert Clarke) sets out to explore the limits of time travel and finds himself catapulted to the year 2024, a futuristic wasteland even darker than what Fritz Lang had imagined. —Noah Isenberg