Introduction by film editor (and Judy Holliday's son) Jonathan Oppenheim at the 8:30pm screening on December 29!

Cukor staked out terrain he would later return to in My Fair Lady with this adaptation of Garson Kanin’s celebrated Broadway play: an unscrupulous tycoon (Broderick Crawford, in a spot-on caricature of capitalism run boorishly amok) hires a journalist (William Holden) to cultivate his ditsy chorus-girl mistress, but doesn’t expect the two to hit if off so well… Cukor, for his part, nimbly transposed Kanin’s stage-bound action onto a wide slate of Washington landmarks. And Judy Holliday deservedly won her only Oscar for her role as the tough-shelled blonde whose blunt exterior (“I’m stupid and I like it!”) hides surprising depths.