Middle-aged Antonio Carotenuto (Vittorio De Sica) arrives in the small mountain village of Sagliena to serve as town marshal and promptly takes a shine to local sweetheart Maria (Gina Lollobrigida), called “Frisky” by her male admirers. Maria has eyes for Antonio’s subordinate, junior policeman Pietro (Roberto Risso), who along with midwife-with-a-secret Annarella (Marisa Merlini) complete the zany love quadrangle. A classic example of so-called “pink neorealism”—still mindful of social themes but more whimsical, in line with improving economic conditions—Bread, Love and Dreams provides “La Lollo” with perhaps her most popular role, and offers a juicy acting showcase to legendary director De Sica. Oscar-nominated for its original story (a rarity for a foreign film, then as now), Luigi Comencini’s farce earned the Silver Bear at Berlinale and inspired three sequels starring De Sica as the bumbling police chief.