Su Chao-pin will attend the screening.

A boy with a giant member wows his school counselor by making balloon animals with his junk.  A cursed katana causes three punks to spontaneously ejaculate.  A reformed yakuza weeps over a moldy bento box.  That’s just the first few minutes of Su Chao-pin’s gem, BTS: Better Than Sex and while it’s as far removed from his current hit Reign of Assassins as you can possibly get, all young and manic and obsessed with sex, as opposed to Reign’s elegant wu xia action. Su helmed BTS after more squeamish directors refused to touch his randy script; drawing on his love of manga, he utilized a comic geek’s eye, to inject an irreverent visual sensibility and manic cutaways that still feel raw and fresh today. The film went on to become one of Taiwan’s rare local hits, but it’s barely ever played overseas.