Q&A with Luise Donschen

Donschen’s ravishing, eclectic feature debut veers radically from fiction to observational documentary to single-subject interview to landscape and back again. Exploring desire in a singular fashion, Donschen presents an investigation into the mating habits of finches; a portrait of a dominatrix, her clients, and her hypnotherapist; a conversation with John Malkovich, in the midst of an onstage role as Casanova; woozy, enigmatic, alluringly staged scenes in a bar; the goings-ons of a monastery; and assorted other phenomena, all richly captured on 16mm by cinematographer Helena Wittmann. An invigorating hybrid whatsit, Casanova Gene is a funny and seductive look at seduction, organized according to the ineffable logic of desire itself. North American Premiere

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