Centerpiece Presentation | North American Premiere

Q&A with Sabu

Fresh from this year’s Berlinale competition, Chasuke’s Journey suggests Wim Wenders’s Wings of Desire given a Japanese pop treatment. The action follows celestial tea server Chasuke—portrayed by the versatile Kenichi Matsuyama (Death Note, Norwegian Wood)—as he descends to Okinawa in order to save a young girl Yuri (Ito Ono) from a fate prescribed by heavenly hacks who crib from Hollywood blockbusters. These fate ordainers promise to send signals through the rich tapestry of characters Chasuke meets along the way, but he only has until 8:50pm, at which time Yuri’s fate will be sealed. A meta-narrative on cinema, creation, fate, celebrity, and the joys of ramen, Chasuke’s Journey is filled with lovable losers, wildly kinetic headlong dashes done in single takes, improbable plot contrivances, and an absolute love for the moving image. North American Premiere

Presented with the support of Japan Foundation New York. Image © Bandai Visual, Shochiku and Office Kitano.