Q&A with Rosine Mbakam, Tafadzwa Chiriga, and Little Girl actor Wunmi

Recruited by a Lebanese maid agency, Sabine leaves Cameroon and embarks for Lebanon. After many years of servitude, she escapes to Belgium, but her arrival there is complicated by the fact that she enters illegally, by way of Greece and Syria. She settles in Matonge, the African quarter, where she becomes the manager of the beauty salon Chez Jolie Coiffure. Here, patrons, many of them undocumented immigrants, are not only be made to feel beautiful but can also escape the daily difficulties and harsh realities of their lives.

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Little Girl
Tafadzwa Chiriga, Zimbabwe/USA/Nigeria, 2018, 6m
In this visually beautiful coming-of-age story, ancestral spirits emerge from the depths of a forest to guide a young African-American woman into a deeper relationship with her past, introducing her to a rich legacy of the African women who came before her. Little Girl is about finding a deeper understanding of the self, infused with questions of identity, religion, and cultural history.