A feared and revered military commander courts tragedy when he enters the political arena in Coriolanus, a driving action/drama that marks the directorial debut of the film’s star, two- time Academy Award nominee Ralph Fiennes. Updating William Shakespeare’s late-period tragedy of ancient Roman setting to the 21st Century of guerrilla insurgencies, instant polling and 24-hour news networks, Fiennes delivers a trenchant tale of honor, power, politics and pride. At the heart of the film is the personal journey of Caius Martius, the noble but flawed “Coriolanus” of the title. Scion of a proud, aristocratic military family, Coriolanus is a man of great courage and unshakeable integrity – but the values that have served him and his country in battle will be his downfall in civil society. Working from an adapted screenplay by award-winning writer John Logan, Fiennes takes a bracingly modern and naturalistic approach to Shakespeare, delivering a story that speaks strongly to our own polarized, volatile times. Joining Fiennes onscreen is an exciting, impressive and international cast that includes Gerard Butler, Brian Cox; Oscar winner Vanessa Redgrave; Jessica Chastain; John Kani, James Nesbitt; Paul Jesson; Lubna Azabal; and Ashraf Barhom.

A Weinstein Company release. Rated R.