Jordi Wijnalda | Turkey | Turkish/English/Dutch/Arabic with English subtitles | 2013 | HDCAM | 16m

A Dutch woman in Turkey helps save the lives of illegal immigrants but is forced to confront the unattended needs of those who love her.

Wendy James | USA | 2013 | HDCAM | 16m

A dangerous entanglement between an idealistic white teacher and her troubled black student.

Jennie Allen | USA | 2013 | HDCAM | 14m

A vacuum cleaner salesman must decide how far he will go to please his customers.

Breaking the Bough
Yana Kehrlein | USA | 2012 | HDCAM | 12m

A story about a father on the run from the law with his estranged 8 year-old-daughter along for the ride.

Going South
Jefferson Moneo | Canada | 2013 | HDCAM | 15m

Martha Barlow wants to escape her rural life. When a mysterious stranger shows up on her farm unannounced, she finally gets her chance.