Introduction by J. Hoberman on August 23

An alleyway breakdown triggers a labyrinthine murder mystery in Ivan Passer’s atmospheric neonoir, a film maudit that wreaked internal havoc among United Artists execs, who saw it as resolutely uncommercial and effectively buried it upon release. Richard Bone (Jeff Bridges) witnesses a curious dumping of something or other in the alley, and when the next day’s newspapers announce that a young girl has been found murdered in the same spot where Bone left his out-of-commission automobile, he enlists his friend from the Vietnam War, Alex Cutter (an excellent John Heard), to help with their own increasingly paranoiac and perilous investigation. In Make My Day, Hoberman describes Cutter’s Way as “a premature critique of Reaganism” that uses “patriotic displays as ironic backdrops.”

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