Filmmakers and choreographers including Michele Fletcher, Dan Wagoner, Richard Move, Heidi Latsky, Antoine Renouard, Ríonach Ní Néill, and Joe Lee in person!

These films share common traits and demonstrate a youthful optimism, not to mention a spirit of commitment that seems to be sprouting in many parts of the globe.

Dan's House. Michelle Fletcher, USA, 2012; 20m
Inspired by Dan Wagoner, a choreographer with a unique vision, this film is a valentine to a beloved mentor and the choreographic aesthetic he cultivated during the 25 years he directed his company, Dan Wagoner and Dancers. Filmed on location at his 18th century farm house (no electricity!) in rural West Virginia, dancers, family and friends gather and a trio of performers unite to perform a playful, rambunctious series of dances in beautiful outdoor locations, with Wagoner himself as guiding spirit.

Gimp – The Documentary. Richard Move, USA, 2011; 14m
Challenging the prevalent societal precepts about the nature of beauty, the dancer and the dance, this powerful film also makes visible an often invisible demographic, as it captures the creative process, performance and public response to the theatrical dance work “The GIMP Project” by Heidi Latsky Dance.

Je Ne Sais Plus Qui A Fait Quoi. Antoine Renouard, France, 2013; 9m
This intense movement piece with its seemingly unrelated, disparate characters, all expressing a different state of being, grows more compelling in its arc, reflecting both the absurdity and the necessity of attempted unity in a time of global disorder

Ondek. Louis-Martin Charest, Canada, 2013; 6m
A merchant sailor decides to leave behind a life at sea. As he orchestrates what is to be his last night in the company of his crewmates, dancing becomes the means to imprint this momentous time forever.

The Area. Ríonach Ní Néill & Joe Lee, Ireland, 2013; 25m
The Macushla Dance Club for ages 50 and up is a motley group of people from Dublin's rough and tough north inner city, who share a common love of dancing. Their lives are written on this city's streets. Buildings may have gone up and got torn down, but they've excavated their memories from under car-parks, tenements and half-built ruins to share their lives, loves, losses, and most of all, their irrepressible joy for life.