Le Saut Infini
Chris Parker & Sakiko Yamagata | USA | 2011 | 3m

An adaptation of Emery LeCrone’s earlier work “With Thoughtful Lightness”, the film explores the dancers’ perception of space and time while capturing the physical, intimate moments between
New York City Ballet dancers Russell Janzen and Megan LeCrone.

Jukka Rajala-Granstubb | Finland | 2012 | 7m
In the 18th century, a French court dance, the minuet, arrived in Finland. The time-period was very conventional. Feelings couldn’t be expressed openly. In the Minuett dance, the only physical contact between men and women was a humble holding of handsI.

Francesca Sani | Italy | 2011 | 10m

The filmmaker imaginatively explores the basic language of dance and binary digital languages.

Gravity Of Center
Thibaut Duverneix & Victor Quijada | Canada | 2011 | 14m

Gravity of Center is a short-film adaptation of Victor Quijada’s full-length work for RUBBERBANDance Group. Through visceral physicality, five world-class dancers embody animal instinct in this striking film.

Pedestrian Crossing
Eric Garcia and Kat Cole | USA | 2012 | 20m

Something strange lurks beneath the surface of everyday life. Pedestrian Crossing follows eccentric and estranged characters that defy group behavior, drawing upon the already-inherent absurdities and poetics present in San Francisco.

Brother's Keeper
Marta Renzi | USA | 2011 | 7m

A moody space of dark and light where three young men explore their social, physical and animal natures.

Chicken Boy
Cari Ann Chim Sham | China/USA | 2012 | 7m

Chicken Boy is a modern day metaphor for the journey of the lonely self to find peace with one’s identity.

<em>Brighter BoroughGeorgia Parris | UK | 2012 | 4m
Here the drama unfolds as three contemporary dancers bring to life the gowns of Louisa Parris.

El Aparecido
Diego Agudo Pinilla | Spain | 2001 | 3m

The film introduces hand-drawn animation of flamenco choreography based on Manuel de Falla`s ”El Amor Brujo”.

Wild Like Kylie
Bhenjamin Ra | Australia | 2012 | 3m

On a small property in rural Australia, a woman grieves for her departed daughter through the ancient and spiritual practice of pottery making.