Duncan McDowall | Canada | 2012 | 5m

The first in a trilogy of screendance films about our tug-of-war with wilderness.

Johanna Witherby | USA | 2012 | 3m | 16m

Two space dancers explore the moon, July 20, 1969.

Arthur & Aileen
Marta Renzi | USA | 2012 | 16m

This film takes place in a tiny New York apartment, which can barely contain the combined energy of dancer Arthur Aviles, (Bill T. Jones /Arnie Zane Dance Company), and his mentor, Aileen Passloff, an octogenarian teacher /choreographer and dance pioneer at the Judson Church. Their candid conversations touch on process, dance history and what matters in dancing.

Swan Lake
Gina Carli | USA | 2012 | 2m

This stop motion animation dance film stars two superheroes. They have quite a history together, and they were once in love. The female is a spy undercover as a ballerina.

Philip Szporer & Marlene Millar | Canada | 2012 | 5m

A site-specific piece adapts the work of Natasha Bakht. Bridging the forms of Bharata Natyam and Contemporary Dance, the camera follows two guardian figures as they act out a mysterious yet still intimately familiar ancient ritual.

The Next Step Is
Victoria Sendra | USA | 2012 | 5m

The Next Step Is explores Einstein’s theory of relativity and its dimensions and ramifications.

Blind Torrent
Russell Frampton & Ruth Way | UK | 2012 | 14m

Exploring the landscape of Rural Devon from the perspective of imagined archeology and ritualized movement.

Dance Elephant Dance
Lionel Popkin & Cari Ann Shim Sham | USA | 2012 | 3m

Featuring a man in an elephant costume, Dance Elephant Dance uses images of multiple elephants in outer space to portray a pachyderm’s awkward desire to get his groove on.

Gregory R.R. Crosby | USA | 2008 | 8m

A short screen dance that dives into the social structures created by the mind in times of intense isolation.

Charli Brissey | USA | 2012 | 4m

One consecutive camera shot becomes a character of its own as it interacts with a woman who looking for a means of escaping her environment.

Folie à Deux
Nel Shelby | USA | 2012 | 11m

Foliw Á Deux is an exploration into the interior landscapes of two people whose acts of intimacy are the fantasy that thinly veils a greater discord.