Get tickets here! This Program will premiere starting on Sunday, July 19th at 4:00pm ET and will be available for 72 hours.

Featuring a prerecorded conversation with Susan Misner, Troy Ogilvie, and Jeffery Duffy, moderated by Gabri Christa

How to Sink a Paper Boat
David Bolger, Ireland, 2019, 14m
New York Premiere
A devastating past collides with the present as a young woman delves into the mysteries of the sea in this bold, physical short dance film.

Angela Rosales Challis, USA, 2019, 4m
New York Premiere
This animated screendance, based on a poem,  is a unique abstraction of emotion into movement. Chang Liu, a Chinese queer dancer, is able to explore those responses with power and sensibility.

Meredith Slifkin, Emily Yue, USA, 2018, 22m
World Premiere
An insightful, unsentimental look into a blind woman’s world — her passion for innovation and her compelling, genuine love of movement.

Hanna Brotherus, Finland, 2020, 5m
North American Premiere
A group of men from different backgrounds between the ages of 12 and 85 feel the power, physicality and intimacy of touch. This dance film by Finnish choreographer Hanna Brotherus, is enigmatic, compelling and visually striking.

Cornered (Detainee’s Lament)
Peter Sparling, USA, 2020, 4m
World Premiere
Using hand-painted animation, Sparling creates a stark and dramatic version of a danced improvisation in the corner of an empty cell, evoking a detainee’s plight and a baring of both body and soul.

Susan Misner, USA, 2019, 12m
World Premiere
Bend is a timely love story that charts the distance between its lovers. A single charged gesture of political activism lays bare the fragile balance of a relationship, revealing how we all struggle with our past in the effort to forge a more honest future.