Introduction by Dario Argento on June 19

This unusually tender giallo thriller—the maestro’s first movie in 10 years—follows Diana (Ilenia Pastorelli), a Roman sex worker, and Chin (Andrea Zhang), a Chinese-Italian preteen, as they try to catch a wire-wielding serial strangler after the killer causes a fateful car crash that leaves Diana blind and Chin orphaned. Argento revived and rewrote an earlier draft of Dark Glasses in collaboration with regular co-writer Franco Ferrini (Phenomena, The Card Player) and associate producer Asia Argento, who co-stars as an encouraging social worker. Argento draws unexpected connections between otherwise disparate corners of Rome—a city that, in this movie, is haunted by the presence of lonely outsiders. With a sleek, club-ready synth score by BPM (Beats Per Minute) composer Arnaud Rebotini, Dark Glasses offers a rithlling reminder of Argento’s gift for keeping even his most devoted fans guessing. A Shudder release.