After happily married Simon (Vincent Macaigne) meets the equally happily single Charlotte (Sandrine Kiberlain, also in this year’s Rendez-Vous selection The Green Perfume), they agree to begin an affair devoid of heavy feelings—but love, inevitably and maybe impossibly, emerges over the course of meetups on the beautifully photographed streets of Paris and weekends in the countryside. This acutely observed comic drama from Emmanuel Mouret (Love Affair(s), Rendez-Vous 2021) is powered by the chemistry between magnetic veteran star Kiberlain and the hilariously anxious Macaigne (fresh from Olivier Assayas’s HBO update of his own Irma Vep). The soundtrack is a selection of classical music mingled with a smattering of Serge Gainsbourg staples, recalling and reviving the best of French romantic drama.