From to the microscopic to the cosmic, these short films take viewers on journeys that explore reality and fantasy in equal measure. Featuring collaborations with neuroscientists and innovations in 3-D motion-capture technology, this selection includes the concrete and the abstract and reveals that filmmakers and choreographers are partnering in exciting new ways.

Pooh Kaye, USA, 2013, DCP, 8m
Director Pooh Kaye’s alter ego, Alexandra, struggles with garden machinery and scrambles in the dirt as she pursues her dream of a backyard duck pond. As she launches her boat, magical events sweep her off course. World Premiere

Nellie Carrier, Canada, 2015, DCP, 9m
Four characters see their destiny in free fall. New York Premiere

Mortified: The Contender
Jacob Stage, Camilla Singh & Jenn Goodwin, Canada, 2015, DCP, 6m
Two women become immersed in their emotional responses to a combative world. Adopting the format of a band to encompass a range of activities, the film creates a sonic experience through movement and mayhem. New York Premiere

The Song of GuQin – Hand Dance
Alex Wu (Zhen Wu), China, 2015, DCP, 5m
From The Song of GuQin series, this segment shows the beauty of hand dance. New York Premiere

Study #1
Gregory Bennett & Jennifer Nikolai, New Zealand, 2015, DCP, 4m
A dance and motion-capture collaboration, this film explores choreographic prompts and improvisation using 3-D motion-capture technology. The live dancer is inscribed into a 3-D visualization, which references both drawing practice and experimental animation—particularly Len Lye and Norman McLaren and their studies in moving image and sound. New York Premiere

Dance of the Neurons
Jody Oberfelder & Eric Siegel, USA, 2015, DCP, 5m
Twenty-four dancers embody the birth of neurons, activating the brain and body. Created in consultation with leading neuroscientists.

Martian Mating Moves
Eva Ingolf, USA, 2015, DCP, 2m
A short introduction to the mating habits of Martians. World Premiere

Snags in Palladio
Michele Manzini, Italy, 2015, DCP, 6m,
A series of moving tableaux that reflect the Platonic idea of supreme beauty, as well as its contradictory nature in the modern world. New York Premiere

Su misura
Augenblick, Italy, 2014, DCP, 1m
A tailor and his wife. A day like any other: old and new customers, one after another. Then she enters. Suddenly a glimpse, a mistake… and there’s already a stitch to remove: one more word and the elbows will lightly touch. New York Premiere

Little Dreams
Wilkie Branson, UK, 2015, DCP, 7m
A dance animation about dreams, fears, and aspirations made with over 4,000 hand-cut characters. New York Premiere

know you
Galen Bremer, Emma Hoette & Zoe Rabinowitz, USA, 2015, DCP, 4m
On a gray day, a weathered sculpture in a public space may go unnoticed if not for the figures weaving through it. Are these two women, or one? The mystery of their circumstances ignites a curiosity for the anonymous subject. World Premiere

The Fallen Circus
Shelly Love, UK, 2015, DCP, 10m
Agnes falls from the sky, landing at the feet of a friendly juggler who tells her the story of “The Fallen Circus.” She explains that her mother was blown away by a big gust of wind and together they set off on a journey to find her. U.S. Premiere