Tsui Hark will attend the screening!

<p>Two of Hong Kong’s greatest actresses, Maggie Cheung and Brigitte Lin, play swordswomen who attempt to thwart Donnie Yen’s bloodless eunuch’s treachery in Tsui Hark’s swordplay romance. Tsui Hark is currently filming his first 3D movie, a remake of Dragon Inn starring Jet Li, due out this fall. It’s the first time the two men have worked together in 14 years, but while Jet Li’s a big deal and all (and we’re even showing his film, Ocean Heaven, in this year’s festival) it’s unlikely that any remake will recapture the high voltage of this version. Dragon Inn is the wu xia as feminist spaghetti western, and it’s no surprise that both Maggie Cheung and Brigitte Lin have since retired from the big screen. Because really, how do you top a movie like this? Part of The Wu Xia Focus.