Introduction by Josie Ho

Josie Ho (ExiledThe Drummer) pushes the envelope with this unforgettable performance as a tenacious young woman who will stop at nothing to buy a beautiful home with a view. She stalks and kills all who stand in the way of her dreams; so what if death and dismemberment pave the way to domestic bliss? Pang Ho-cheung, one of the foremost auteurs to emerge from Hong Kong this millennium, is a born filmmaker who has demonstrated a uniquely wry sensibility across several genres. This gleefully outrageous take on the slasher film not only fulfills required quotas for fear and bloodshed, but also delivers a pointed message about Hong Kong’s class struggle and its soul-crushing real-estate paradox. Dream Home is a gore-soaked, must-see satire that will have you quaking with terror, even as you cheer on its empowered (albeit somewhat demented) heroine.  

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