North American Premiere!

Filmmaker Amel El Kamel in person!

Using the trial of Bosnian Serb political leader Radovan Karadžić at the International Criminal Tribunal, Dust Breeding looks at the shifting nature of memory, media, testimony, and translation, and how they work to obscure accountability. Vanagt intersperses the court’s record of the trial, told through fragments of sound and footage from the legal proceedings, with scenes of her own recordings of pencil rubbings of objects and surfaces in the court. In the nearly featureless witness stand, or the window the translator sits behind, she gathers a parallel set of evidence to be reconstructed. What emerges is a complex composite sketch of historical memory and trauma.

Screening with:

The Garden on Both River Banks
Amel El Kamel | France | 2013 | DCP | 20m

French and Arabic with English subtitles
The dying industrial landscape of the Union District in the North of France is narrated by the few souls who remain.