Opening Night! Q&A with director Masanori Tominaga and actor Tasuku Emoto

Party Pass holders are invited to visit the Opening Night Market in the Furman Gallery. Food, drink, and dessert from multiple vendors will be provided as well as live music!

Natural born rebel and entrepreneur Akira Suei became Japan’s porn-mag mogul in the ’80s. While he flooded the market with erotic pictures, he also introduced the sophisticated work of now-acclaimed writers and photographers, including Nobuyoshi Araki and Daido Moriyama. Director Masanori Tominaga brings Suei’s 1982 memoir to the screen with this monumental biopic that chronicles his rise from sign painter to publisher and beyond. Suei’s pivotal struggle with Japan’s prudish moral right is woven with tales of personal demons, from his mother’s literally explosive demise to his own turbulent relationships, set against the backdrop of Japan’s bursting bubble economy. North American Premiere