Opening Night preceded by a cocktail reception open to all ticket holders!

Q&A with director Mark Hartley, actress Catherine Mary Stewart & Robin Sherwood, and Superman IV screenwriter Mark Rosenthal

Charles Bronson! Break dancing! Ninjas! Arab terrorists! Dennis Hopper with a chain saw! Hercules hurling a bear into outer space! This off-the-charts hilarious piece of film history is an instant classic thrill ride recounting the taste-challenged exploits of Israeli producers Menahem Golan and Yoram Globus, who stormed Hollywood in the early ’80s, produced epic amounts of schlock, (and inadvertently made half a dozen seriously good films). Told at a breakneck pace and jam-packed with priceless clips from the Cannon library, Mark Hartley’s long-awaited documentary is a breathless oral history for the ages, rounding up seemingly everyone who came near the Go-Go Boys, from Molly Ringwald and Elliott Gould to Tobe Hooper and Dolph Lundgren.