Q&A with Gilles Bourdos and writer Richard Bausch on March 11

Drawing from Richard Bausch’s short stories, Renoir director Gilles Bourdos delivers an explosive emotional epic about the tangled relationships among parents, children, husbands, wives, and lovers. At the heart of this multi-strand ensemble piece is Josephine (Alice Isaaz), a young newlywed fearfully taking first steps to escape from her abusive, possessive husband (Vincent Rottiers). Swirling about her are a host of turbulent lives in various stages of free-fall, from a lonely student (Damien Chapelle) caring for his mentally ill mother (Brigitte Catillon) to a middle-aged father (Eric Elmosnino) starting over after a divorce. Masterful crosscutting creates a charged sense of anticipation, while virtuoso cinematographer (and regular Hou Hsiao-hsien collaborator) Mark Lee Ping-bing contributes stunningly dynamic, color-saturated compositions. U.S. Premiere